Top 5 Hottest Bayelsa Artistes Of 2019 [See List]

This year has been a wonderful year for music in Bayelsa State as many artist release some many new single in the industry. In this regard, YounGGist Media makes a rundown of the top 5 Hottest Bayelsa Artistes of 2019. 

The list picks out the top 5 most influential and impactful artistes in the outgoing year. It is both a recap and celebratory highlights of the listed artistes and how much they have affected the industry with their music, adventures and how much influence they’ve exerted on the culture as a whole. 

The following are our top 5 hottest Bayelsa artistes of 2019 in a descending order of influence.


The number 5 spot goes to this 24 years multi-talented entertainer and blogger Bravoprinz. It’s been quite a year for Bravoprinz as he keeps joggling between being a rapper and a blogger. Bravoprinz spotlight in the year came when he did ‘E Go Set’ Nonetheless, the rapper used that medium to drive society conscious tune with splashes of humour to aid better reception.


On the No. 4 Spot is Bayelsa Multi-Talented and award winning Music producer & entertainer "Ayeboy" who wowed into 2019 and kept wowing us. He jumped on several hit collabos and with his trending single "You Can't Kill My Joy".. 


Chiff Timz is Arguably the No. 3 artiste in Bayelsa right now just after JOVIN and "YAWNG BOSS" following their fan base. He would have been on top of this list if had another hit like "ALPHA" (OBI) this year. The pop star is one of the most steamed artists in Bayelsa this year. He dropped several songs and also an Album Title: "Retired Rapper" 


Behind Jovin is "Yawng Boss". "BMAA" 2019 Album of the year winner, he have had an incredible year. In fact, his little efforts yielded maximum results in the outgoing year and it all started with his smash hit "Retired Heartbreaker" featuring M2 and also his trending album "Welcome To Yentown". 

If there is anyone who has performed exceptionally well to the amazement of fans and even his colleagues it has to be BMAA Artist of The Year Winner "Micah Jonathan Vincent Kurotimi", aka "JOVIN." A lot of us didn’t see it coming as JOVIN worked his way to become the hottest Bayelsa music star this year. This simple assertion is based on his well received album ‘Election No B War’ among other things. His BMAA award ‘Artist of The Year 2019’ and lot more...

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